Pianist and composer

Found You Recordings


Open Trio / To the moon and back (single)


Open Trio / Dinosaurs


Karin Hans-Ers / Sorg


Open Trio / Goodbye Everytime


Tvärvägen / This river so red


The Country / Black/Blue Hearts


Joakim Simonsson / When We Still Believed in Magic


Carolina Wallin Pérez / Pärlor för svin

The Country


Anna Ihlis / Long before my hair got black

TSE / Fictions


Lena Swanberg / The art of staying young and unhurt

Anna Ihlis / Känslomässig kull

Conrad Boqvist / En tolva till pappa

Karin Hans-Ers / En prästdotters bekännelser

Open Trio / Färger (Colors)


"Joakim Simonsson creates vital music together with Pär-Ola Landin on bass and Daniel Olsson on drums. Open Trio is a melancholy and minimalist jazz trio with a Scandinavian touch. Swedish folk music echoing from the piano keys and the hymn tradition lurks constantly in the reeds. It is beautiful and captivating." - Lira

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