Open Trio

Open Trio has played modern jazz signed Joakim Simonsson since 2000. The trio has previously released three CDs, (Colors, 2003 and Goodbye Everytime, 2008, and Dinosaurs, 2013) and toured in Sweden, Germany, Poland, England and Scotland. In reviews, words like lyrical, melodic, and groovy often recurred, and the music has often been described as bearer of the so-called "Nordic melancholy."


"Sometimes it’s quietly enjoyable and sometimes it’s swinging marvelously well."

– DIG Jazz


"Open Trio simply takes the jazz a couple of steps ahead and explores some different angles and looking into new corners."

- Dalademokraten


"Open Trio demonstrates "Dinosaurs" that they have mastered the genre in full and that the pianist Joakim Simonsson is a talented composer."



"Open Trio has on their third record developed their own sound and sometimes woven together the music in a symbiotic echo"

– Orkesterjournalen


”Open trio has developed it’s own sound and approach. Hopefully this trio will not wait another five years before recording its fourth volume.”

- All About Jazz


"Joakim Simonsson creates vital music together with Pär-Ola Landin on bass and Daniel Olsson on drums. Open Trio is a melancholy and minimalist jazz trio with a Scandinavian touch. Swedish folk music echoing from the piano keys and the hymn tradition lurks constantly in the reeds. It is beautiful and captivating.” - Lira